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Hydraulic Presses or Electro-Mechanical Presses
Mechanical Press Simulator
Remanufactured Presses



  • Simplicity Via the Latest Digital Technology

  • Low initial cost

  • Easy to set up and adjust

  • Simple to maintain

  • Emulates mechanical press motions

  • Press to a position or pressure

  • SIEMENS PC Based control

  • Store part set ups in SQL Database

  • Compact "plug and play" design

  • Remote access, operation assistance and troubleshooting

  • Collect data such as press curve, pressing force and ejection force

  • Proven, rigid frame design is strong and compact

  • Automated production reports for paperless operation

  • Optional Automation for part removal and part inspection



Available in 20 ton to 1,000 ton.  Multi-Level and robotic part removal systems are available.  In addition to our mechanical remanufactures, Precision Compacting Technologies offers hydraulic press remanufacturing of our customers machines.  New Hydra-Chief presses are available in 20, 40, 60, 80, 125, 250, 500, 800 and 1000 ton models.  Both remanufactured and new presses feature our simple to learn and operate digital system controlled by a single menu driven SIEMENS color touch screen.



These well designed and meticulously crafted presses have set the standard for the high precision compacting press industry.

Our new generation of highly accurate CNC presses. These presses are operated via a user-friendly touch screen and are constructed of high quality components.

We maintain a huge inventory of new and used High Precision Powder Compacting Presses.



All Hydra-Chief systems are American made of quality name brand components




Hydra-Chief HC20E
Electro-Mechanical Press

Hydra-Chief HC6E
Electro-Mechanical Press

Hydra Chief HC20E

 Hydra Chief HC6E

The Hydra-Chief HC20E Specifications
specs coming soon
The Hydra-Chief HC6E Specifications
Speeds of up to 40 parts per minute
Repeatability to +/- .0001"
Automation systems available
Full closed loop control of rams and fill system
Complete integrated systems
Custom applications include parts stacking, weighing and automatic weight adjustments

Hydra-Chief HC250 Product Specifications
Hydraulic Press

Hydra-Chief HC125 Product Specifications
Hydraulic Press

Hydra-Chief HC500 Product Specifications
Hydraulic Press

Hydra-Chief HC800 Product Specifications
coming soon


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